Gym Owners

  • Requisite Space

Our team assists clients in finding a nice space, with enough room for gym users to work out comfortably. The gym’s air conditioning follows, which is essential for members to breathe comfortably. Commercial cardio equipment, commercial strength stations, commercial spin bikes, commercial cross trainers, commercial aerobics, commercial benches, and commercial free weights sections are all made to fit inside the available space.

  • Exquisite Flooring

The gym’s flooring is installed in such a way that gym patrons must be able to move around the facility without discomfort, and no one should be making a noise that disturbs other patrons or the building. Our professional gym floors are quiet, durable, and flexible and is ideal for setting up a commercial fitness center in India.

  • Budget-friendly

POWER HEALTH encourages gym entrepreneurs to build up their facilities on a budget. Therefore, we offer several types of commercial gym equipment that is affordable to our gym owners. We do not want the cost of setting up a gym for our client to be a hardship for them. Our equipment is reasonably priced, dependable, and of a durable quality that won’t degrade over time. Therefore, we offer our clients a variety of gym equipment budgets. According to the budget of the gym owners, full gym equipment sets can be purchased for 8 lacs, full gym setups for 10 lacs, full gym setups for 12 lacs, full gym setups for 15 lacs, and full gym setups for 22 lacs.

  • Easy Installation

 Our team offers hassle-free delivery and installation of the gym equipment in all Indian states. In under 24 hours, our skilled engineers set up a gym. Our staff guarantees a seamless service backup to our gym owners after the facility is up and running by offering service within 48 hours of receiving a complaint. Our devoted crew successfully completes the best gym equipment service on schedule.

  • Smooth Operation

After the gym is set up, it must earn a substantial amount of cash. To assist gym owners in starting a gym and running it smoothly, our team offers advice on client retention strategies and gym fees. 

  • Good Infrastructure

POWER HEALTH has a sizable facility with a 50,000 square foot warehouse and a 10,000 square foot, sizable showroom in ——. When our clients visit our showrooms, they can see a wide selection of commercial gym benches, such as incline benches, adjustable benches, flat benches, decline benches, as well as commercial treadmills, cross trainers, spin bikes, stations, and dual stations.

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