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The name POWER HEALTH is one that connotes dependability and trust. It has produced amazing gym equipment for consumers of many ethnicities. Whether for private or commercial use, the end user has always been the driving force. There is a sense of trust in the kind of labor our team performs to produce workout equipment. POWER HEALTH has been importing its gym home equipment from many nations. It has established a reputation as a trustworthy fitness brand. The best gym equipment is produced using the most cutting-edge, high-tech devices in the world, guaranteeing a high standard of cardio and strength equipment. Our team’s production inspection assures error-free production and leads to high-quality manufacturing.


All of the sports and fitness equipment has undergone thorough certification, testing, and other standards checks. Every piece of the workout machines is made in accordance with the standards. Our R&D makes sure that the final gym equipment is well-balanced and comfortable to use. The after-sales service is given careful consideration. We always have spare parts available and never keep a user waiting. We have a reputation for using trustworthy and authentic spare parts.

With a dealer network present all over Tamil Nadu, we are dedicated to offering our customers top-notch services built with cutting-edge engineering. With more than — SIITUS brand gyms and —– machines that help you stay strong and healthy, we are open to dealerships and setting up the world famous brand SIITUS equipment gyms for commercial, semi commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Fitness Industry in India

The fitness sector is currently valued at over $2 billion and is expanding quickly as a result of rising demand. India’s population is more inclined to purchase home fitness equipment or join a gym near home in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for oneself. Additionally, people are beginning to concentrate on diet regimens that include more nutritious foods rather than junk food.

With more fitness gyms near homes, offering various services like cross fit, cardio equipment, strength equipment, aerobics, and Zumba, the gym industry has started to pick up speed in India. Modernization has led to the emergence of new exercise equipment for this generation.

However, POWER HEALTH has created a new line of commercial gym equipment every year for the Indian gyms. Our team focuses on each locale’s unique demands and sets up a gym for them that is high-quality and dependable while staying within their budget and continue to offer after-sales support to the gym owner for a long time. Imported gym equipment and best exercise equipment of the highest caliber from SIITUS are available from POWER HEALTH.

What Makes POWER HEALTH Unique ?

POWER HEALTH fitness equipment provides world class fitness machines and equipment for personal and commercial gyms. SIITUS, which uses advanced Japanese technology helps the equipment function better and give better results. SIITUS has made wellness by fitness an easy regime for everyone even if they do not have time to spare in a gym.

The SIITUS equipment are designed using biomechanics which helps the trainee to improve their technique while working out and provides with great results on the overall body and health.

We are happy and open to help and support our customers even after the sales. Our services are thorough and continuous even after you set up your gym. We provide hassle free after care and maintenance too. POWER HEALTH gives you deals on gym equipment that are economical and unmatched.

The warranty services and pricing is always top notch and the best among our peers. It Is easier to grab the best equipment from POWER HEALTH with the price drop and the discounts they offer. With 25+ years of experience in fitness equipment imports we have thousands of happy customers all around.

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A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

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