FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.  Do home gym equipment brands offer any warranty?

Every piece of home gym gear comes with a warranty. Depending on the type of home gym equipment you purchase, POWER HEALTH offers a — years to — years warranty.

Q2.  Which treadmill is ideal for use at home?

The greatest treadmill for home use is ——- if you want to run and lose more weight.

Q3.  Which home gym equipment is the best?

The best gym equipment entirely depends on your motivation and goals. The Cross Trainer would be the greatest piece of equipment to use if you wanted a full-body workout. You can select —-, which is self-powered and aids in rapid weight loss without incurring additional electricity costs.

Q4.  Can a beginner use cardio equipment?

Of course, even a complete novice can utilize cardio equipment. Gym equipment like the Cross Trainer, Treadmill, Exercise Bike, or Rower does not require technical or specialized expertise to use.

Q5.  Which are some best treadmill brands?

There are quite good treadmills available in the market today, SIITUS treadmill is one of many high-quality models now on the market.

Q6.  Can you add muscle with dumbbells?

Dumbbells are an extremely adaptable piece of equipment that can be used to exercise the entire body. To gain size, use heavier dumbbells with fewer repetitions; to lose weight, use lighter dumbbells with more repetitions.

Q7.  Does lifting weights help you lose belly fat?

Yes, weightlifting promotes fat-burning by increasing metabolism and helping to develop muscle. Any resistance exercise will require you to stabilize with your core (back and belly muscles), which will help you lose body fat generally, including belly fat.

Q8.  How many reps should one perform during a bodybuilding workout?

It all comes down to the training format. But as a general guideline, Less than 6 reps – Strengthens muscles, 6 to 10 reps – Builds muscles, Over 10 reps – Builds endurance and lean muscle.

Q9.  Are there any installation charges, EMI facility and Return Policy?

Please reach us at ———— to know more about installation and EMI facilities available. We have —- days return policy on selected products.

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